Track a Cyberstalker

How do you know if someone is Cyber Stalking you? Is your Cyber Stalker going out of control and not listening to your requests to quit stalking you? Here are some things you can do to track their activity:

  • When someone cyber stalks you, they often do it carelessly thinking that they will never be held accountable for what they say or do. Cyber Stalkers think that they are invincible, since they hide behind a computer under a false identity. However, there are certain features that all cyber stalkers have and it’s important for you to take a closer look to find these hidden clues that will help you reveal their real identity. Look for repetitiveness in everything that they write. Do they use the same email to register to different websites in order to harass you? Do they post under the exact same username/account? Do they have a style of writing LiKe Dis Or Dat n U kNOe! DeY Juss LiK3 2 LoOK keWL bY TyPin LiKe so. @nd thEY thiNk Itz heLLa fuNNie. LOLz heh heh.
  • Any time a cyber stalker makes contact with you, be sure to print out or take screen captures of their harassment. Do not save it in your email account, as they may try to hack into your account. Instead, forward it to a safe and private or new email, and make print outs to keep for your records.
  • Did you know that everyone, especially Cyber Stalkers have a tendency to “google” your name? If you “google” search yourself and find that your information, photos or name is used without your knowledge or without you having submit that information, ask that your information is taken off of those websites and inform the administrator that they are not authorized to publish your information without your consent.
  • Cyber Stalkers cannot do anything without using someone else’s creation, company or tool. They use email account services like Google, Yahoo and Hotmail; they use social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Without any of these platforms, they would have no way of cyber stalking you! Because of this, you need to report them directly to the websites they are utilizing to harass and stalk you. Follow-up within 24-72 hours of submitting your claim and make sure that some type of action is taken, whether it is giving that person a first-time warning or more severely, closing their account.
  • More often than not, your cyber stalker’s IP address is already being tracked by every website that they use to harass you. Unfortunately, this information cannot be shared without a court order or subpena.
  • By use a tracking service, you will be able to determine where your cyber stalker is accessing his or her computer from based on what their IP address is.

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