Ten Reasons Why Someone is Stalking You Online

July 28, 2011 in Cyber Stalking, Good to Know, Quick Tips

Here are some reasons why someone may be stalking you online. By acknowledging these reasons, you will be able to better understand that online stalking is just as real as physical stalking. Stalking is a serious crime, regardless if it is physical or virtual. These reasons can and do apply to both situations. In an online environment, it may be harder to justify or acknowledge, but as former victims of stalkers, we do not tolerate cyber stalking or physical stalking at all. By outlining these top ten reasons, we hope that you will know and understand that it is never your fault if someone decides to stalk you.

  1. Your stalker envies you
  2. Your stalker is obsessed and needs to fulfill his/her wishes or cravings
  3. Your stalker may think that he or she is invincible because no one can “see” what they are doing
  4. Your stalker is unemployed or not happy with his/her current job/career and needs a distraction
  5. Your stalker wants to intimidate you and make you feel inferior
  6. Your stalker is delusional
  7. Your stalker wants to instill fear in you to justify his/her status
  8. Your stalker wants to embarrass you
  9. Your stalker has his/her own problems that can’t be dealt with by him/herself
  10. Your stalker is curious

Ultimately your stalker’s curiosity leds to frustration and he/she has to act upon their obsession by physically stalking you or threatening you. Cyber stalking is a serious crime that needs to be taken seriously before it becomes unstoppable. Learn how to combat your own cyber stalker.

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  1. Being a victim of A cyberstalket-stalker I have to add to the list why and how let me begin by saying someone I had a few encounters with as it turns out the guy was living a double life , although his wife was aware of his infidelity it was something to come to accept. Long story short the guy files a false report in retaliation , it wasn’t that his wife found out or was told he was angry he would have to give up his what he referred to as an oasis . The G.P.S. was the first red flag then he began to stalk fulltime by way of hacking into my computer and having spyware on my smartphone . He stalked while going to court for 8 months
    Just so he knew what was going in and the worst part the authorities knew and took no action. The law failed me by allowing this , bottomline the intergrty of the married man. Is what was of importance , and need.I tell you why.?

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