Another cyberstalking case involving Facebook and a very angry person!

August 6, 2013 in Cyber Crime

When someone makes direct remarks that are derogatory and offensive towards another person and cause them to feel terrorized and threaten, that person can be subjected to prosecution under laws that were created to protect the welfare of people in an online environment. As the case with this Batton Rouge man, who was charged with one count of cyberstalking and was taken to the EBR Parish Prison. He was released on a $10,000 bond. Michael Martin, age 22, allegedly posted messages on Facebook suggesting that he wanted to “rape her” because of money that was owed to him by the victim in which she failed to pay him. Click here to read more.

Regardless of the circumstances; no one deserves to be the victim of a cyber stalking crime.

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Charles David Hunt charged with cyberstalking his ex-wife

August 6, 2013 in Cyber Stalking

Charles David Hunt from Missouri turned himself in on July 31st, three years after learning that there was an arrest warrant out for him as of 2010. He was accused of sending his ex-wife threatening emails and text messages for several months even after moving to Long Beach. Read more about this here at the Sun Herald

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Shocking news: Seattle Police Detective David Blackmer accussed of cyber stalking Ex-girlfriend

August 1, 2013 in Cyber Crime, Cyber Stalking, In The News

Detective David Blackmer, a 17-year veteran, is being investigated for felony identity theft in Snohomish County.Seattle Police Detective David Blackmer was accussed of cyber stalking Ex-girlfriend. Blackmer was arrested on July 26 and appeared before a judge on July 27. He was ordered in court not to contact his victim and not to use the internet. His victim, who is his ex-girlfriend, Alison Grande, 31, said Blackmer has already done both. He’s accused of creating a Facebook page in her name with naked pictures and videos of them having sex.

Court documents allege that Alison Grande who had ended a relationship with Blackmer showed up at Blackmer’s Everett home on July 17 to tell Blackmer’s wife about the affair.

“According to probable cause papers filed in the case, Blackmer allegedly pushed the woman to the ground outside the house and yelled that he was going to ruin her life and he would “get back” at her.

Later a Facebook page showed up online that was designed to look as though it was placed there and maintained by the victim but in reality, say police, it was created and operated by Blackmer who allegedly posted on the page sexual pictures of the woman and of the woman and Blackmer.

The woman, who contacted the Seattle Police Department’s Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) told authorities that Facebook page caused her fear and to feel degraded, violated and harassed by what she said the detective had been doing to follow through on his alleged claim to ruin her life.

The woman said some of her friends, neighbors and people in her church saw the photos.

Blackmer, 43, was arrested Thursday July 25 and booked into jail for investigation of second-degree identity theft, related to the Facebook incident, which is a felony.” -  Sky Valley Chronicle

After Blackmer was released from jail he left for a rehab facility in Florida.

The victim says he created that Facebook page as retaliation after she confronted him at his Everett house in front of his family.

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Why does someone Cyber Stalk? How can Cyber Stalking be Prevented?

July 31, 2013 in Cyber Stalker Help

Silhouette of businessman typing a computer.Cyber Stalkers come from all different types of backgrounds. A cyber stalker can be rich or poor or somewhere in between. A cyber stalker can be successful and friendly in real life in front of real people; or they can be the most quiet and reserved person in a room.

When someone utilizes the Internet to stalk another person, this is when they become a Cyber Stalker. Why does someone Cyber Stalk? Cyber Stalking someone online can be a fairly very easy thing to do in the privacy and comfort of their own home. The tools and information out there are endless! As such, innocent people freely post their information, photographs, location and have public lists of friends and connections. This type of information is what Cyber Stalkers feed off of.

Cyber Stalkers often forget that they are not invincible and that everything they do on the internet is like an automatic diary or journal of their life that just writes itself, similar to the stories that people post of themselves too. Online, a person does not have to stand infront of others who may look them back in the eyes, they can privately pursue their wishes by using the Internet and act like a troll. They can be and do whatever they wish. Sometimes this can lead to fascination or amusement towards another person in a negative way. This causes the person to become obsessed or angry and anxious. So much so that they have to victimize or harass another person in order to feel satisfaction.

Cyber Stalkers are repeat Offenders. Once they see that they can get away with writing or posting offensive things about you, they will continue to do it over and over again in the comfort of their own setting. Your words cannot block them from continuing to do or say what they want to. They will just continue to taunt you even more! Action must be taken. Cyber Stalkers need to be held accountable and exposed. This is the only way they will stop.

Most people, especially young adults do not realize how serious cyber stalking is until it happens to them. If we continue to remind people and make them aware of the seriousness of this issue; people who may resort to cyber stalking will perhaps think twice before they utilize the Internet as their weapon.

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July 31, 2013 in Safety Online

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More people are Cyber Stalking online than physically stalking their victims. How can you protect yourself?

July 30, 2013 in Cyber Stalking

Cyber StalkingDid you know that Cyber Stalking has exceeded physical stalking? It’s because Cyber Stalking is so easy for anyone to do if he or she has access to a computer and the Internet. What does your cyber stalker do to get into your inner circle and to harass and put fear in you? They friend your friends. They follow you; they keep up with what you’re doing, where you’re working and who you know. Most of all, they take your photos and your words that you post willingly and twist them in ways that you’ve never imagined. This is where Cyber Stalkers cross the line.

In all of 50 states in the US, each state has some sort of laws addressing electronic forms of stalking or harassment, but some times victims’ reports are not taken seriously by police. That’s because sometimes, the words written by your stalker online can sometimes be misinterpreted when they are read by someone else.

How can you protect yourself if someone is stalking and harassing you online? For starters, you can tell them out right that you don’t condone their behavior and that everything they do or say to you is recorded. Then, you should directly go to the source of where these threats are coming from. If someone is stalking you on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook; it’s important for you to notify the administrators of these web sites. If more online users put pressure on these social networking sites; then more measures will be taken to protect us and our loved ones. Each of these social networks are so huge that they have the power to ban anyone they want to.

Cyber Stalking will only get worst as more people gain access to computers and the Internet. It’s important to start having this conversation now so that we can prevent further damages from happening in the future!

blue-arrow Find out who your Cyber Stalker is and stop them

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Chelsea Chaney sues School for using her Facebook photo without permission

July 29, 2013 in In The News, Safety Online

A former high school student, Chelsea Chaney is suing the Georgia School District for using a photo of her that she had posted on her Facebook profile. I don’t think she knew what her privacy settings were, as they were set to “Friends of Friends.” This means that anyone who was her friend that had other friends could see her photos too, even if she didn’t know who they were!

What is the Fayette County school district arguing?

“Instead of choosing the numerous options that would allow her to exclude as many people as she wanted,” Chaney, who has since graduated, “chose the option that allowed the most number of people she could have allowed to view her page, the majority of whom she would not even know,” attorneys for the Fayette County school district argued.

“By choosing the ‘friends of friends’ option, which incidentally is the most public, inclusive choice she could have made because she was a minor at the time, [Chaney] allowed not only all of her friends to view her page, but each and every friend of each of her friends the same access.” -Daily Report

You know what? This is exactly what the perpetrators will argue. Your stalker will say that because you uploaded these photos of yourself, it’s YOUR FAULT! However, it’s not your fault! You never intended for someone to take your photos and twist them and judge them and label you as something that you are not! It’s not your fault someone else decided to take your photos and use it for their own pleasures! This is exactly what Curtis Clearly, the school district’s director of technology services did to Chelsea Chaney. Not only did he take her photo and add captions to it (in addition to using her full name) and made false allegations about her based on this one photo and his agenda. You should of known better Curtis!

One thing Curtis is right about, “Once It’s there, it’s there to stay.” This is the caption he added to the photo. IF had he asked her for permission, perhaps he would have used a different photo because I don’t think anyone would want to be the poster child for that message. Not only did he add this to his slide show presentation, he also made print outs of this presentation and gave them to every student and parent that was at the event. How awful and inconsiderate is that? Could you imagine people walking around with this flyer of you as a poster child for something you never intended to promote? As a former victim of Cyber Stalking, I don’t condone people who take other’s material even if they willingly post it on their personal pages, and use it for their own purposes, especially if they never asked me to use them in the first place, and without thinking how it may emotionally and financially or otherwise effect their entire life and career. This is outright wrong of him to have done this to her!

If you haven’t read the story for yourself, click here to read it on Huffington Post.

The lesson learned here is:

  • Don’t post something online that you know someone might take and use against you even if you think you posted it privately. There are people out there who will do horrible things to you. It’s unfortunate that some of us had to learn it the hard way.
  • Pay attention to what your Facebook privacy settings are. Facebook’s website is always changing! Did you know if someone tags you or you tag someone, their “friends” can also see your photos? This is a default setting! To prevent this from happening, go into your Facebook privacy setting and set it to Only Friends, or selective people.
  • Know that it’s not your fault someone chose to pick you to further advance their own agenda.
  • Stand up for yourself if someone does bully you.
  • Fight back against issues like this so that it doesn’t happen to someone else.

Let us know what your thoughts are by posting in the comments area!


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What is my Cyber Stalkers IP Address?

July 28, 2013 in Cyber Stalker Help

What is an IP Address and how do you find out what IP address your stalker has? An IP address is how someone can track where you are accessing your computer from. This very important key information will help you find out who your cyber stalker is. If you would like for us to help you find your cyber stalker’s IP address, then click here.

We will work with you personally to find your cyber stalker’s IP address. In some cases, your stalker may be using a spoof IP where we may be unable to locate him/her. However, most cyber stalkers are as technically clueless as you! There leave trails of their online activity everywhere they go.

blue-arrow Click here to Find out Who your Cyber Stalker is

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Cyber Stalker Help

July 28, 2013 in Cyber Stalker Help

Are you fed up with your cyber stalker harassing you? Have you lost all hope because of the way your stalker has been attacking you online? Do you feel unable to participate in social networks because your cyber stalker has followed you everywhere on the Internet? Then it’s time you put a stop to this!


Let our Specialists help you track your cyber stalker! We offer:

  • Individualized solutions to help you track your cyber stalker
  • Personalized support to help you cope with your situation
  • Referrals to Specialists such as experienced
    Internet Crime Lawyers and Private Investigators in your area

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Hello and Welcome to

July 28, 2013 in Updates

Here at Quit Stalking, we have a public forum where you can expose your cyber stalker. You are not the only one to experience or have experienced cyber stalking! Take a look at all of our posts from victims like you! Share your story, talk with others who have gone through what you have too and get advice from other members on what to do and how to cope.

By exposing your cyber stalker here, you will send out a message that you do not tolerate their behavior and you will in turn hold them accountable for their actions. Cyber stalking is a serious crime and those who do the crime will do the time! It’s up to you to expose your cyber stalker so that they can stop harassing you. Put an end to your cyber stalking problems. It starts with you!

Are you ready to put an end to Cyber Stalking? Click here to register for free today.

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